We have a few vacancies on our board. If you are interested in holding a board position, please email kcte_la@gmail.com


  1. Web Site Editor

  2. Kentucky Reading Association Liaison

Current Board Members:

Current President & Co-Membership:

Dr. Kristie Hofelich Ennis

Immediate Past President:

Amy Clancy

First Vice President & Conference Chair
Sarah Webster

Editors of KY English Bulletin:

Winn Wheeler, Caitlin Murphy, & Elizabeth Dinkins

Vice President, College Section:

Dr. Eileen Shanahan

Vice President, Secondary Section:

Aretha Whaley

Vice President, Middle Section: Holly Pitts (incoming)

Vice President, Elementary Section:

Brandi Borgemenke

Editor, KCTE/LA News:

Hollye Wright

Executive Secretary:

Dr. Jonathan S. Cullick


Patti Slagle

NCTE Liaison Officer & Parliamentarian:

Dr. Deborah Bell

SLATE Representative:

Kate Barrows

NCTE Writing Achievement Awards:

Cody McNeely

Membership Chair:

Renee Boss (incoming)

Writing Contest Coordinator:

Dr. Emma Gibbs

Web Site Editor:

Sarah Webster

Diversity Recruitment Chairperson/KY Writing Project Liaison:

Kennita Ballard

Kentucky Department of Education Liaison:

Kristen Tinch