Ambassadors of the English/Language Arts Educational Field supporting best practices in our field

The Kentucky Council of Teachers of English/Language Arts, Inc. is an incorporated non-profit, service organization for Kentucky English and Language Arts teachers of all levels (Kindergarten-Graduate School). KCTE/LA has been recognized by the National Council of Teachers of English as one of the more active state affiliates.

As ambassadors of the English/Language Arts Educational Field, KCTE members are advocates for students, teachers, and policy that supports best practices in our field. KCTE offers its members a unique opportunity to network and learn from other educators from around the state through professional learning sessions, cohorts, book studies, and social media. Board members collaborate with other professional organizations, such as the KY Reading Association (KRA) and our national affiliate, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), to craft white papers, advise legislators, and inform policy at the state and national level. With member input, we can make a positive difference and elevate the profession!


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