Kentucky English Bulletin: Call for Submissions

2022 Call for Submissions:

In their newly published Freedom to Teach Statement, NCTE (along with NCSS, NCTM, NSTA, and NCAC) states, “Teachers are being maligned as “harming” children and are subjected to constant scrutiny (and even direct surveillance) by many parents, school administrators, and activist groups. Some are afraid to offer their students award-winning books that may violate vaguely stated laws about teaching the history of racism or that may be misleadingly labeled as pornographic. As a result, teachers’ very ability to do their job is under threat.”

In this issue we invite submissions in which authors share the ways they feel empowered in curricular decisions “to determine how to help young people navigate the psychological and social challenges of growing up.”

  • What inspires you as an educator?

  • How do you know when it is time to make a change in your curriculum?

  • How do you decide which texts your students need to hear and see in the classroom?

  • How might writing help strengthen us as teachers and our students as “future members of a democratic society?”

  • What texts, writing assignments, activities have helped students consider and engage with “making responsible and informed contributions and decisions about our world”?

  • How can ELA be a place to engage students in change making?

  • How might professional collaborations provide support in engaging curricular decisions that may be labeled controversial or deemed unlawful?

Please consider sharing the powerful work and thinking that you are doing in your classrooms with your students, PLCs, and/or individually.

Submissions are due by January 1, 2023.

Please submit your proposal here.

We always accept the following regardless of our theme and what is not published in the KEB may be published in the KCTE/LA Newsletter.

  • Teachers as Writers: Poetry, Essays, Letters

  • KEB Teaching Strategy Exchange

  • Professional Reading Recommendations

  • Humor

  • What’s New in Young Adult Literature?

  • Speak Out: Professional Issues

  • Inquiries and drafts are welcome.

Please submit your proposal here.